groping girls at summer camp (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I always had a thing for groping and frotting girls from a young age. I worked as a counselor at a mixed summer camp, boys and girls 13-16 for a few years. This was in the early 2000s so it was before me too and before everyone had a camera in their pocket so you could get away with a lot more than you could today. I'm not going to get specific with dates or locations or names or any details like that, just in case, but i figure this is long in the past.

I molested so many dumb teen sluts, and got away with so much crap from ages 17-20 working at the camp, it was amazing. I'll try and share as many of the stories as I can remember. The camp director was a lazy asshole who did as little work as he could and so there was barely any real supervision just a bunch of counselors barely older than the kids we were in charge of. All the teenage campers were horny as hell anyway, especially the boys, so it usually didn't take much to encourage bad behavior.

the best place to molest girls was the lake since they'd be in their bathing suits and underwater visibility is low compared to the pool so you have lots of opportunity for hidden touches and grabs. the trick was just to set up a good situation. i have a lot of good stories, i hope people like them. most are frotting but some are just general perving on girls if people are interested in that too.

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