Black Shogun, damn dude you’re right about that girl being hot. But you been writing for years! I seen past posts in the archives from you since like 2000 before I was born. I assumed you were like in your late 50s or early 60s by now. That girl looks like she’s in her late 20s. Where do you find these girls? How the heck do they follow you back? You need to share hot girls Instagram handles haha. I hope you didn’t get confused what a follow back means.

Anyways, didn’t you always say chikaner for life! And I am always going to be doing this. I like the fuller life. Not being an hater as I am looking forward to your return in the game. I remember the signature move the squat and hump. And I am not sure if you were the one who started with the shifting of pressure with the toes? Those are my favourite moves.

All rounder yeah you said it. Have you ever hooked up with any of your past chikan “targets”? When you lived in the country I visited(I hope you don’t confuse it for the other country T.) have you ever chikaned there? Please kindly detail your experiences there. I am surprised you moved as that place is like heaven on earth. I saw a big booty Indian girl wear the tightest of pants walking in the market and she was eyeing me up. Wish I could have frotted her but was with my elderly dad. Please continue writing stories all rounder as I won’t be around much. Only during my free time in the winter break again or summer break or reading week.

That’s it from me guys. Got to go back to studying.

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