All rounder and a Special Story

Honestly you’re so right about the puzzle of perversion, all rounder. Haha were you trying to relate the story to my experience of being caught. Fuck! I now realized to wait for more cover up and to be more observant of your soundings while frotting. Never make your intentions seem clear.

I never heard the story of when you may have been caught. Please share your detailed story as I am interested about reading it. Has something what you discussed about the bus happened to you??

I am so missing high school with the free frotting. Now I am in post secondary and it’s frotting me harder than I have frotted a female! Haha no time to chikan due to the pressure of assessments.

I remember one time when I was a junior, we had a fire drill in high school and we were all outside and on the way in I was looking for a target to Chikan and I saw this sophomore a brunette looking at me and smiling(I have seen her before and she always seemed so interested in me due to strange behaviour). I smiled back made my way behind her. Not going to lie like maybe some other chikans and say she has a phat ass, she had a nice petite ass in soft brown joggers(the one Red Dragon is interested in). I slowly humped her butt and than glued myself to the ass while the line was moving. The feeling was not so much good as I didn’t wear my chikan pants that day. It was a more of a oh yeah I am in a girl crack feeling not that Ohhh ahhhhh ahaha aahhhhhh sensational feeling. Anyways when we reached the top to the first floor we were both going in and I squeezed her ass pretty hard and said in a cocky voice sorry. She laughed to her friend but her friend give me a dirty look. Unfortunately I had a similar image to Bryce Walker from 13 reasons why.

In another instance she and some other sophomores were butt rushing the snack line to make it to the front while crowded and I squeezed her ass again in blue joggers she was wearing . Felt the same softness as before. No reaction.

Recently I tried looking for her instagram but couldn’t have found it. Not to be a creep as I am around the same age as her and she may still have some lost feelings for me if she got to see me again. I graduated high school last June.

Signing off!!


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