Re: Buttmasher - New Stories

It takes time to build back up a practice man. And I'm on nobody else's time but my own right now. Like I said, and I don't care what anybody else claims, I DO NOT make stories up. I've been a chikan for years and years and years. The stuff I've told here has only been the very best of the best. The extraordinary. I'm not God's gift to humping. Ha! I'm the Devil's!!! And so are plenty of other here who have graced this dishonorable scroll.

Now the truth be told . . . I'm actually having some reservations . . . you see, I'm just enjoying having full on anal sex these days. I've been out here CORNHOLING these pretty snow bunnies dude, and the Latinas too! I like it too much! To take pretty girls in the ass! Just don't know if I can have a full return to chikan at this time. Having too much "real" anal sex at this stage in my "devlish" life.

I will always love to read and "comment" about chikan. I will always love to see a good video. But right now . . . what I love most is fucking pretty girls in the butt . . . for real. The prettier she is, the less I want the pussy, and the more I want her butt hole. That's just the truth and nothing . . . eeeeeehhhhh . . ."butt".

Black Shogun!!!

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