Did It Again, part 3

So I see this black girl to my left that I hadn't noticed. She slipped in right when the main event started. She was wearing tight, paisley-colored spandex, and had a slamming booty. I didn't hesitate to go in on her with my grinding. No preliminary touches other than to feel how soft her ass was with my hand. As soon as my dick stiffened up enough for her to know the deal she turned and smiled at me. I let her do the moving around at first-she was knockin' your boys took around really good so I was satisfied. It went on for 15 minutes or so, then I started moving back-and -forth to not only increase the friction, but to let her know that I was really enjoying her pleasuring me. That was probably not needed because she got even wilder as the minutes wore on. At one point I think she wanted to get a picture of me- she kept putting her phone, with the camera on, into the air as if taking photos of the stage. But she would turn in backwards in my direction. I had on shades and a cap, so I knew she wouldn't get a good image, but every time she did it I would put my hand up to my nose to obscure my face. All the while she kept dancing on my tool, never breaking contact. Now I'm blatantly rubbing across her ass, then I'd shift to the side of her hip and let my dick "catch" her between my groin and the base of my shaft, and force it against her so she knew how much I wanted her to feel me! Again, I saw her give a smirk on her face. Then this little nasty slut did something that I haven't had done before: she put her camera high up above her and started doing a 360 degree circle while plastered to me! She turned, gyrating her hips in my groin and against my stiff dick, then turned her hip, kept turning until we were face-to-face and still fully in contact. Still gyrating, my cock is in her groin and between her legs as she's looking over my should, then fully back around so my dick is back square in her ass! Once I realized she was totally as nasty as me, I decided it wouldn't be much longer now before I had to bust my nutt. I backed up a little, to catch my breath and to pull it out so she could take my load home with her. Two minutes later I made my final contact with her soft ass and let it go. It was so good letting that hot stream go on her I'm at a loos for words. She slowed down when I was throbbing and spurting, then she went right back at it. Now I was ready to go home, having received what I'd come for, but I had to wait. It was not time to turn and leave, so I waited another 10 minutes until some others behind me left, then I turned and followed them out. I was so relaxed from finally cumming all I wanted to do was get out that crowd and make it home.

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