Did it again, part 2

So now I'm back at the first stage, and it's now a lot busier than earlier. Since I gave up a spot close to the barrier I have to slowly inch my way back. I'm a thinking it'll take at least a change of performers to allow that move so I wait. Just when I decide to chill for a little while I see two "sisters" making their way thru the crowd towards the very spot I was in before, so I follow them. I'm posted up behind the shorter of the two, and she's got a nice package that I decided to try out. When the music of the next artist starts bumpin' she's shakin' it, so I make contact. Instantly I'm at full attention! This one turned out to be a winner. I'll tell you guys: she took control almost immediately upon realizing I was in her crack. What she did, and also what the girl I mounted later also did, was make an older man feel special again! I'll try to describe as best I can what that girl did to your boy: my tool is at full attention, with the head planted firmly in her crack. Without loosing contact she worked it from side to side, up and down, then in a circular motion! I was at first trying to look around to make sure it wasn't attracting any unwanted attention, but it felt so good I said screw it. This went on for about 40 minutes- I would have to back off every once and a while so I wouldn't shoot my load, so I'd put my hand in her ass instead, just so I could gain some composure! Then I'd go back at her with the same results.
When the set was over folks made their way out and new ones came in. This let me get a look at whatever new targets we're gonna be available for the next set. Everyone started sitting down on the grass so I did too, keeping close distance with my sure-thing target. This was odd because i had placed my boner in her ass for 45 minutes and now I'm sitting right behind her not saying a word. I don't like talking to my targets. So I painstakingly sat for an hour until the next and final performer.
Now this gave me ample time to scheme. I saw quite a few that I felt would he me the kind of pleasure I'd expected for my dollars spent on this festival, so I had to make it right once the show started.
When the lights finally dimmed everyone got up. One of the areas I was hoping to get into closer to the stage got cut off immediately. So I just stood behind my previous freak. That's when I noticed another pair of girls moving up from behind me.
This new girl won my heart (and attention) right away! She had on some tight floral-colored spandex that hugged a picture-perfect maybe 20 year old ass! Better yet, the crack was accentuated with the seam already buried deep. Best wedgie I could have stumbled on at this point! When the group came on I got on for the ride! Girl turned and smiled at me so I knew it was a go.
I'll continue later.....

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