Did It Again!

Well guys, as per my yearly experience during the late, "Dog Days" If summer, that guy "Guestz" does it again! When out and did some good old-fashioned chikanning and busted a bone-shattering nutt all over the backside of what I can truly call a player!! But first let me detail what led up to my pleasurable night-ending experience.
I had mentioned a while back that I would not be attending my usual end of summer venue on account of it hosting such a lousy lineup. I was disappointed with the performances lined up because if I'm spending that kind of money I still want to get something from it entertainment-wise. Since this othe venue was coming up I weighed the pros against the cons and decided to take a chance. Instead of a predominantly white crowd I opted for a largely minority one. I was not disappointed!
It was hot as hell this weekend, so I knew the skin would be in abundance. I wore my usual: pajama bottom shorts, that are silky smooth and thin with no underwear under them and a long thin tee shirt. I got in early so I could grope as much as possible before I got deep into the crowds.
The difference between black and white crowds is vast. I was pissed that the crowds weren't dense at the barriers. Black folk keep distance between themselves, unlike the younger white crowds I love to work. Usually when the musical draw is right the white/mixed crowds push and shove to be right at the stage hours before the bigger performances occur. It wasn't like that for this "ethnic" fest. I get their down front and there are folks stretched out on damn blankets! I'm already shaking my head, thinking it may have been a big mistake. I was gonna have to wait until dark and hope things got better.
After standing and waiting for 2 hours without any contact with a target I decided to change stages, since there were 2 others that might offer better luck. On the way over I groped random bare thighs at will.
I get to the 2nd biggest stage of the 3 and things are better. There's a whole different vibe here because they've got some raggaeton going on the PA system and girls are up shaking that ass! Good times they are ah comin'! I got near a momma and her young (too young) daughter. And almost on cue momma senses my intentions. She puts daughter in front of her (I'm thinking so mom could shake that ass and attract some dick), not so much as to protect her child. She didn't need to worry because I was not here for kids. Not my style.
I dot right at mom. She was about in her late 20's, I'm guessing, and the kid was maybe 12. She had no idea mommy was bouncing on a strange man's stick behind her! That went on for about 45 minutes.
All the while this was going on, I noticed 2 fine-assed high-yellow sisters sitting on a blanket right behind us. It was obvious they had the makings for some nice grinding, but they were keeping that ass on the ground where a brother like myself could do it any damage. But that all changed once the show started. The performer got everybody up and moving, including the yellow girls. When I looked back and saw what they were hauling behind them I was giddy! Both were wearing shorts; both were just the right height; and they had no men with them to spoil the fun!
The set was short, so when it was getting close to the end they both started making their way closer to the barrier. I was on the bigger of the two immediately, giving up my sure-thing I'd been in now close to an hour. I put my hand down to feel up yellow girls thighs, with not even a glance from her. Now I'm planting my boner in her big ass- yummy!
The current set is over now and folks are leaving to go take a break or move on to the next stage. But my yellow girls are making their way to the barrier, so that's what I do. I'm right behind them as they lean against the barrier to start the wait for the next band. Oh boy, is this gonna be good or what? I'm salivating and watching the clock, counting down the minutes. The bigger girl has on a blue oversized shirt, it looks like, and possibly nothing much under it. Thighs for days! The shorter girl is in shorts, but they are really short. I'm planning on doing them both.
This is when bad luck usually strikes. One will say something like "we got a long wait, let's go get a drink", or " I gotta pee". I was crossing my fingers that that wouldn't happen, when even worse did. The bigger one turned and seemed to be heading past me when she all-of-a-sudden passed out! Her friend (the other yellow beauty) said "help me, she's sick" and I grabbed her left arm to keep her from falling. We helped her to the ground and I called for security to come over with water. It was from the heat that she was sick. There went my chances, just like that.
I quickly decided to go back to the other stage, which turned out to be the smartest move of the evening. Little did I know that the best rides of the day were waiting right there in front of the original spot I'd started at. To be continued.....

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