Introduction and Story (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Hello everyone, new here, found this site through searching, I'm an amateur and looking to improve my skills and find busier areas. I've got a small story though from about 3 months ago...
I was in an arcade with some family and they were eating and I had finished my meal, and I wanted to cash in some tickets. There was a big queue, and at the end there was a teenager, she looked like she had just turned 18, black tight leggings, I could see the outline of her panties. I think she was wearing a loose red top as well and she was standing with a few friends. I got behind her as quick as I could and I began my moves. I decided to try do one small finger stroke on her ass, very lightly- she turned around instantly as my heart skipped about 10 beats and my hand jolted that quick I nearly dislocated my shoulder. I had a coat in one hand so I think she thought it might have been that. I was lucky, I had gotten away with it but I thought, hmm why not do it again, the pleasure had begun taking control of my actions at this point. I did it again- exact same as before. This time, no response. At the same time as this, the line moved ever so slightly, I took advantage of this by moving as far up as I could against her so that my dick was touching her ass at this point. I think she immediately knew but didn't move. There were people around so I kept very still but ever growing. I eventually worked up the courage to take my dick out and try to cover as much as possible with my coat. My dick was pointing straight into her leggings and her leggings were stretching at this point. Still, no response from her and she never turned around, but her and her friends had stopped speaking at this point and she seemed happy. The line moved once again at this point, but this time, she didn't move up at all. There was almost a one person gap between her and her friends with my dick still planted into her ass. Her head had turned towards the left slightly and she was looking out the corner of her eye. Unfortunately at this point the queue started moving pretty quickly and my opportunity was gone. I wish I could get better opportunities like this one.

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