Black Shogun

Nah fam, I been watching this board for years. All posters on frottophilia deserve recognition. I see what I like. Narflarf, Guestz, Allrounder, High school humper, 2 female guests, Eric, and some others on here who go active and than inactive quickly are doing tremendously. Haha bro there's no multiple aliases unless you are referring to yourself Shoggy and Black Shogun. Just saying that dude you can't keep up with the current chikans and are trying to live through your past memories through them.

Admit it. You can't live this fuller life. One more venture one more outing Shogun, do you still got it? I can classify the difference between the real stories and fake. So don't make shit up. is not dishonorable because you wouldn't be on here if it was. Go call on the call girls to do whatever instead of frotting.

I hope ayashi took my votes into consideration for men of the month.

All rounder and Female Guest new fan!
Guest 032(may go by this to avoid confusion)

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