Why I chose festivals

I posted about why I chose festivals before. I do it for several reasons. It gives me the opportunity to accomplish two of the pastimes I love to partake of. One, I go to the outdoor, spring/summer venues to not only grind my scent into pretty targets, but to also grope as many bare thighs and ass I can get my sweaty hands on! No bar or nightclub that I know of will have the shear amount of exposed skin as a festival with 130-140k attendees. I've groped at some of them to the point I'm tired! I mentioned here a few years back that at one such outing I wished I'd had 5 pairs of hands a a few extra dicks! That festival was insane, and I had to stumble back to my transportation home, exhausted. What I did at that show, in just 1 of 2 days, would not be possible at a club. Oh yeah I could get a few nuts in at a club, but all the groping, and more importantly the quality and time spent on each target as I groped, could not be equaled. I'd say that 85% of the time I get my moneys' worth out of a festival ticket.

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