Re: "Guest"/serious problems statement

What a waste of a post on your part, guest. GTFOH! First you start off with "I been around here a long time on this board". WTF? You obviously have the mindset of the rest of us to fucking begin with, then you go out and practice what we discuss. You didn't like going from stage to stage (which I don't do because getting up front at large crowded festivals takes too much work) "in the hot sun", and "100+ is too much to get a nutt". All to just come to a conclusion that we are sick? Do us a favor and take your whiny-ass somewhere else! Do you know how many mf's pay 100's of dollars to prostitutes to just watch them jackoff? Or to shit on them? I classify that as sick! If I want to go out and grope on 50-100 different girls all day, then grind and hump, with a lot of them participating in the process, I think I'm getting my money's worth. And as far as clubs go, I know Shogun prefers them, and that's great if it's convenient for you. In my situation, which is different for each and everyone of us, a few 100 bucks a year is chump change at the end of the day. I like groping, as even your President obviously does, and about a billion other average men worldwide, so if I spend 3 or 4 days feeling-up 100's Of strange girls of all walks of life I'm happy with it.

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