Rock out with my cock out

I have a big 2 day festival coming up soon. I'm in another state on business, but the lack of action has been getting to me and I don't want to get rusty before the big event! So I decided to go to a rock concert to get some groping in.

It was a pretty small venue with a big crowd which was great. I always keep my eyes open for any targets walking to the back of the line when waiting to get in. Two that stuck out to me were these sisters, a blonde and brunette both wearing leggings with asses I couldn't take my eyes off! They were built like the girl in the picture, but only shorter. Unfortunately they were with their parents and little brother but that wasn't gonna stop me.

Once the concert started I got behind the blonde which was easier than expected because their parents were drinking and grinding on one another. Little did they know I'd enjoy their daughters the same.

The blonde had a nice firm ass but wasn't game. She slowly kept inching away from me or turning her body sideways on top of giving worried side glances. She was relatively one of the hotter girls there, but with her parents nearby I wasn't going to go out of my way for that.

At one point she did what some girls do when getting groped and switch places with their girl friend, basically sacrifing them by putting them in the line of fire. Her sister was much more willing than she was. Her ass was not as wide but softer than her sister's.

Headbanging to the music made her rock to and from and I followed up by doing the same. I was poking her to the beat while she was enjoying her beer and rocking out. I got bold and started cupping and stroking my fingers up and down her ass. This alerted her a bit and her body language changed. Stepping forward a bit, she opened distance between us a little.

This emboldened me, so I pulled my pants down a bit so the waistband was making my now exposed cock stand straight up, with the head pressed up against my belly button. I covered it over with my t-shirt since her parents were still right nearby. I stepped and leaned in it against her, resting my shaft in between the arch in the middle of her back, which at this point was just as hot as my cock from all headbanging and dancing.

I felt her body shiver upon the realization of what was pressed up against her back and was surprised by what she did next. She chugged the rest of her beer and began gyrating rapidly. If she was alone I'd unload on her but the main band wasn't on yet so this was just practice.

She was wearing on those shirts with the rounded back that slightly covered her ass so I lifted it up a bit to get better access. I put my cock back in my pants and pointed it forward, right in her crack. That combined with her hips winding basically made it into a pencil sharpener for my cock. I enjoyed her until the band finished and I believe her family left because I couldn't find them the rest of the night.

When the main band came on I had to find another target so I went to the middle of the crowd and found this Asian girl with a group of guy friends. I made sure to get behind her once the crowd got roaring. I didn't get to cum from the last girl, but was so ready to blow my load! I just started swiping my hand on her ass to test the waters. I hadn't even gotten to grope her yet, and a mosh pit opened in front of us. To avoid getting thrown into the mix she darted backwards, pushing her ass into me full force! I wasn't prepared for that and something crazy happened. Once she got off my legs buckled from the pleasure and I pissed precum! Must've been backed up from all my fun with the last girl but that was a first for me.

Later into the night I just had to cum, and this girl was the only one near. I whipped it out and unloaded much more than I thought, harder than I thought. I was mainly aimed at her ass but wound up getting it on her upper and lower back all across. Looked like a shotgun spray that surprised me. If my last couple of groping loads are any indication, this festival coming up will quite literally be a blast!

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