Milf at The ICE Cream shop

Hey Bros!

Damn allrounder South America is still so awesome. Going to miss it in a couple of days when I am gone off to posts secondary.

Today I was at an Ice cream shop with my older Dad. A hot ass light skin Indian Milf came in with her husband and 5 small kids. She was wearing a short red tank top that just tiny bit goes over her kadankabonk of an ass in spandex tights. I was eyeing that shit up. She and her family took over the second floor of the ice cream shop I was sitting on. I saw her enter the line and I quickly took my dad hey I am going to get u a popsicle and he said sure go fast while he reads his newspaper. I line up behind that kadankabonk of an ass milk and I was fidgety a little bit getting close to that ass unfortunately there was not much contact going to occur as not enough cover. I backhand swipe first soft plump no firmness though but softness as jelly. You could really feel that ass the spandex was not doing much. When u looked down the shit jiggle a little bit. Then she reached the counter about to order and get her purse ass comes back a little bit and I backhand that same right ass cheek again. Nice and soft. She glances at me but assumed accidental contact with my stoneface expression. Damn wish I could bend her over and fuck her in that phat aSs to give 6 kids. Final contact is when u know u turn to go to the side and put away her purse her ass took over so much space when going to the counter that my hand backhanded its way into the deep ass crack. Fuck boys those cheeks momentarily open its way for my hand to enter the crack and her ass cheek bounce my hand away. Haha. No fucking reaction. Her husband was watching from afar straight at us but it was difficult to know what was going on. Super hot to know when a spouse is watching.

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