Pete - Wife's Story

Hey peepz!! So I recently got in contact with Pete via Email and we got to talking over google hangouts and he vividly described to me on how his wife got chikaned right in front of his eyes!! Well I tell you my chikan brother-en, from the way he described everything she got humped GOOD!! He gave me complete permission to write his entire story on his behalf as didn't feel ok writing it himself and so, that's what I'm gonna do!!

So, as he mentioned, they had attended an extremely crowded Parade that was held very recently. They had gotten to the front row and were watching the parade when a black middle aged chikan who had a broad physical presence had barged his way right behind his wife. He immediately started humping her and was starting to force her to move forward through the crowd.

Since it was extremely crowded, he must have felt emboldened that the proximity and pushing is somewhat justified, so, he had taken a step back and had fiddled with his dick area and had aggressively plowed forward and had plastered his entire dick and chest area against the back of his wife.
He had remained plastered to her for a long time like that and had aggressively started pumping into her booty and had his chin resting firmly on her right shoulder. After a couple of minutes he had forcefully gripped her free right hand and had pulled it away from the hold that she had on her husband. After this, the chikan had used his left palm and had fully cupped and squeezed her crotch area and had aggressively pulled her into him while forcefully humping form behind.
At that time Pete knew that something was up and she had clearly shown signs of discomfort in her face. In fact she had actually moaned out loud around 3-4 times when the chikan had forced his dick in to her booty after he had finished fiddling with his pants. I'm sure that he got his dick out by this time and had gone to 7th heaven. Finally, the chikan had humped her really hard for around 5-10 mins and had nutted and left a HUGE LOAD of cum right in her ass crack, with his chin resting on her shoulders occasionally and also kissing her neck around 3 times!! After this, when the crowds had dispersed, Pete had noticed that the Dress that she was wearing had made a HUGE wedgie and had been forced into her asscrack due to the forceful nature of the hump!!

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