A First (Reply with her pic)

Dear Red,

Thanks. She is well maintained. Has a natural Asian curve to her body. Very feminine looking. Even her personality is very feminine. I am posting her pic here without the face. I hope it will be safe.

It was not a carriage. It was a street parade. Sea or people all over. Absolutely not an inch of place. It didn’t start immediately. I was not exactly behind her but still behind and side. Guess he moved in about 5-10 mins after we were there. He was a black maybe around 40ish. He was big. Not very tall. Taller than me and her but not very very tall. But he was bulky. I noticed him edging being her and that’s when there was the ever so clear push which kinda pushed me ahead and he positioned himself straight behind her. I saw the clear expression on her face which told me he had well made contact. For me it was a weird feeling of intimidation and arousal.

She was wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt (not the denim types) more the summer skirts, knee length. As I said Becos of the dark and crowd I cudnt see much, but I cud make out he was humping her. There were a couple of occasions his hand went down to his crotch but I cudnt see more. Then he made her hand move away from me. In a brief moment of light I cud see his palm had completely cupped her crotch it was a proper cup.

She was sweating. She wasn’t blushing. Red faced yes. Each time he humped her she moved ahead and her face was in discomfort. She was sweating a lot.

This is her pic. Thanks for your questions. U can ask anything u want and I will try my best to answer. Thanks again.

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