Humping teens in concert (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I've been reading everyone's story for a few years now, finally worked up the courage to post a story.

I'm about 30 years old but absolutely get turned on my teenagers, I always go to newest hip-hop/rock/pop craze concerts to hump these teenagers who rarely ever respond because they don't know what's going on. It's an amazing feeling when a thick teen jumps and dances when I'm deep into their asscheeks non stop.

Recently I went to a huge indoor concert in the capital city of my state. For obvious reasons I won't say who the artist was but they're HUUUUUUGE with the teens. Saves up bit by bit for a front row ticket. I'm going to skip to the action cuz I bet y'all gonna skip to it.

I'm in the concert, the main artist finally arrives, I'm about on the middle of the front. I've scouted for a teenager my height and found one with a youthful face but a curvy and phat ass. Brunette hair that shines her beauty like abfucking goddess. She was about 15, non-supervised, I'm guessing she barley scraped enough money and help from her parents for this one ticket.
She's wearing a light blue soft yet tight shirt that showcase her upper curves. She's wearing TIGHT silk black pants, I couldn't help it and begin to look down straight at her ass. I can feel the tension and the main act is about to approach. I haven't masturbated in over a month for this and my dick is limp! I start jacking off through my pockets while staring at her ass, no one noticed and I'm started to get rock solid and I hear the crowd roar. Everyone behind me pushes us forward, the artist is up on the stage and I dick DEEP into my target's ass crack where it is enveloped by her warm ass cheeks with my hand, now out of my pocket, cupping her right cheek. She tries turning he rhead but the singer immediately begins singing one of her big fucking hits and the crowd goes fucking crazy! Her ass jiggles on my dick, her flesh massages the base of my dick while my tip digs into her silky ass crack which is barley shieled by her pants. I look down and cant see shit, I whip out my hungry dick and dig deeper.
Oh fuck, all my nerves on my dick are reacting all at once, like an electricity of pleasure traveling at 0.000001 second through my whole cock. Under my breathe I mutter "oh fuck"
Barley 2 fucking minutes into the main show and I'm already experiencing the best orgasm of my life. This was better then sex, the adrenaline pumping, the most sexually excited and charged I've ever been in my life.
I'm uncontrollably releasing milk-white streams into her.
One, two, three, four, I moan loud but no one hears me.
Five, six, she tries turning around again in confusion but the crowd pushes her more.
Seven, eight, deeper into her defenseless phat ass.
My dick is melting from the warmth her ass is radiating.
Nine, she tries feeling the wet substance on her ass by swiping but instead her palm makes contact with my cock. I don't think its clicked in her mind it's someone's penis.
Ten, a spurt lands on her palm,
Instinctively her hand shrivels (and her arm is stuck by the weight of my body) I can feel a finger or two lightly touching my balls
Eleven, the last spurt, all this in the time frame of about 15 seconds.

She manages to get her hand out of her back/off my dick and it gets to ber side where a lot of it makes contact with the people next to her but everyone is dancing and she's looking at it but I start to push my way to the right.
She never saw me and through the whole concert she never went to a guard. I saw her at the corner of my eye while gaining pleasure from another teen.

Again my bright but this time asian, not as phat as the brunette but good enough for me. She was wearing red tights and she danced on my dick for a good amount of the main act. She seemed either drugged or drunk couldn't tell cuz she never looked back and danced strange. She was with other friends but they weren't looking out for each other.
I orgasmed again deep into this Asian's cheeks staining her bright red tights. I made a fucking whirlpool out of her ass.
I went to ber friend who was blond and humped her while she jumped and danced because at this point my dick needs more excitement and pressure to gain a nut.
This blondie looks back at me with a weird smile, as if she wasn't really "there".
Either way she was my last nut.

Fucking best concert of my life

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