I always read the stuff on this board. Lately there have been girls posting and I thought I would share a story involving a girl I know.
This girl is in her mid 20's, white, and has the body of a black girl. She gets a lot of attention from black guys because she has a real nice ass. She was telling her friend the story I'm gonna share. She likes concerts- loves all kinds of music but rap music is her favorite. She was telling her friend who is black, that she loves going to really crowded festivals because she always gets grind on from the back at those kinds of concerts. The girl admitted that she wears thin material because she can feel when they get hard in her crack. She said that she likes to make the guys come and that she has done it 3,4,, sometimes 5 in one night! She told her that more than once, she had guys pull their dicks out and actually cum on her clothes, which she said really gets her horny! Once a guy came on her then asked her could he fuck her, but she told him no! She also told her that if the guy is rubbing on her she tries to clench her cheeks around his tool and make him cum. I told my friend (I said it in a joking way) to let me know when she goes to a concert! She didn't find that too funny..Oh well!

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