A First

Dear Red and Butt Smasher,

Thanks for your comments. I am not sure if I can post her pic here. Kinda scared. She is a brunette. Is mixed. Mom is white and Dad is Asian.

Didn’t know u wanted the details. Didn’t want to bore u. The guy was black. And that partly explains my intimidation. He was absolutely stuck to her and was dry humping her. That’s what I saw at first. She was holding my hand. It was extremely crowded. And intermittently she would squeeze my hand harder. I cudnt see much even though I was near her due to poor lighting and heavy crowd. But then suddenly her hand left me. That’s when I tried to look and his left hand had encircled her. Again cudnt see much and in a brief moment of light I saw he had cupped her crotch and it was him who had managed to get her hand snapped from me.

Her face looked in discomfort for sure

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