A First

Dear fellow Chikaners,

I am Pete from the UK. Am 40 and married. She is 36. I have been a Chikan for sometime now. Not as professional as many of u here. But try when I can and succeed most of the time. I have always enjoyed with ladies who are with their spouses or BFs, and reluctantly let me chikan. Don’t know y but get a special thrill. More than a lady who willingly lets u.

On a holiday now with wife. And a few days back I was on the receiving end. Was with my wife at a street parade and gosh she got chikaned big time by a guy who was deliberately stuck to her in the crowd. I was with her but he kinda positioned himself behind her and for the first time I kinda saw it happen. Don’t know y I didn’t do anything. It was a mix of intimidation and arousal. Was absolutely weird. It was 35-40 mins of madness.

Just wanted to post it in here and share. Don’t want to bore anyone here.


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