Double teamed

Hey guys didn't want you all to think I left or anything, work has got me busy, thanks for the woman of the month award lol
So another instance I recall was once getting double-teamed, don't think these guys knew each other at all but I was getting out work at the usual time, rush hour. At the bust stop we notice it was pack of people somewhat more than usual, my coworker didn't love far so she called a cab and I was left there still waiting as some walked up a few blocks over to the other bust stop since we knew the bus would come to the brim, this was happening in a central American country I stayed a couple of years training and whatnot for the company I worked for; well after 5p min wait finally the bus for my route came and omg the rush to get on was insane, I made it to the 3rd row of seats and stood there since I didn't want to go way to the back, well to make it short I notice a guy name Shawn standing a feet or two in front of me with his back toward the window since there was an open space there due to it missing a seat, mostly guys and one woman where making they're way in that space. What caught my attention of Shawn was that I knew he was a chikan just by seeing him before making his moves on women that got close to him. And I think some of the regulars knew because of how blunt he sometimes he would be.
Well this time Shawn was about to be in heaven since that woman had her back to him but still had like half a foot of space between them for what I could see, he was trying so hard to pass unnoticed by reading his book and looking up once in a while or looking under his book now and then, I was at awe by what I saw tho, with the little bit of light I caught a glimpse of his light blue dress pants and I could swear he was going commando since I could clearly see the dick print, the outline of his hard cock; at that moment I hear someone call my name from the back, one of the coworkers who walked to the other bus stop was calling me but I couldn't make my way to her with all those people that kept trying to make there way to. When all of a sudden a short Asian guy ended up smack dead in front of me and nowhere to move, thick glasses trying to turn or to hold on to something, then I looked up to see if Shawn got lucky but he wasn't there, then I felt it; Shawn had moved behind me in that few seconds and I could feel his erection perfectly placed between my butt cheeks. The bus started moving as I tried to play it off and look at the reflection in the glass as I always do and Shawn was still with the book up to his face but peeking down at what he was doing, second surprise was feeling the Asian guy in front of me growing in his pants as he was trying his hardest not to make eye contact but since be had my breast squished against his neck basically, they were in the perfect position both of them, the bus would sway and bump; Asian guy was literally picking my pussy with every bump and behind me Shawn was humping into me with each sway of the bus again making my panties get stuck in my ass.
I was so excited and trying to mask it at the same time, this lasted for 45 min drive when I felt Shawn buck and let out a quick whimper I knew he had just cum, hopefully in his pants, he was breathing fast as he looked around to see if anyone saw him, I kept my composure trying to play it off since I was so fucking turn on, a few more stops and I had to get off and saw the Asian guy give one more push/poke before I left.

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