These girls love attention

So I go into a gas station to play lottery. The station is small so the aisles are cramped. I'm filling out a lottery slip on the side of the station I entered from. I hear a girls voice at the counter so I move quick to see who it is. DAMN! It's a black girl with a huge turd cutter in the tightest bright pink Lycra you would ever want to imagine! Apparently she'd been in earlier and bought the wrong cable for her phone, so she's there to just exchange it. At first I'm the only one in the store with her and the attendant so I'm moving fast to get in her path so she'd have to pass me in the cramped area at the register. She must have sensed what I wanted to do because a soon as I got close enough she turns just the right way for my hand to grope that big ass! Then she says "oh I'm sorry", to which I respond "oh it's okay"! Now I'm standing right behind her, but she's pretty-much done with her transaction and beginning to exit. I literally held my left hand out so she could graze it as she left, just as a Hispanic couple walk up behind me. The male says something to his female partner in Spanish as they smile at me and watch the big juicy ass leave! I know they saw where my hand went, but I couldn't help it! Instant, downright uncomfortable hardon ensues! Damn I can't wait for my next outing- can't take it out on my spouse right now because she's ill. I'm about to blow!

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