My strange attraction

I want to share my story as a chikan. I didn't know what it was called but I happen to like rubbing on girls and surfing the net I stumbled on this site. Wow! I never knew how many do what I do. But I have a different way of doing things than most of you. I don't care what nationality my targets are. I don't care if their faces are cut or not. I don't like fat girls but I don't mind them average or even below average looks-wise. As long as they got a killer shape and thighs! In fact I get off when they look meek and timid and kinda dorky! If they got a great ass and tits and pretty skin I'm good to go! I have learned that those girls like the attention that would normally go to the model-type. If a girl is a 10 that's good and all but I have had girls with a 4 face and a 9 or 10 body give me the time of my life. It's all about me busting a nutt. Anybody care to comment?

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