Re: BigT - Daughter

I have had several daughter experiences over the years. The best one ever was the one I wrote about in the following republished story:


I dug out a young white girl's asshoe recently at a concert show. The thing that made it so "special" was that both her elderly parents were present and at her side to protect and defend her! The show was in a smaller venue, and the crowd was just right in terms of size and rowdiness. Plenty of people to make it tight, but not so packed that you're smushed, leaving plenty of room to put in work comfortably.

The girl was maybe about 5'6", long brown hair, thin frame, and a really pretty face and nice smile. Her butt was not big, but it was nice, and she was wearing some "Daisy Dukes". I spotted her shortly before the doors opened, and when I got in there I found her standing at the barricade between two older people, who turned out to be her parents. I got behind them cheeks and rode the girl's butt for a solid TWO PLUS HOURS!!! Building up some nice pre-cum I'm telling you!

And for the whole time she said absolutely nothing and just kept smiling and snapping pictures of the band, as did her parents who were "groupie follower" types. Her silence and lack of protest made me grow bolder and bolder as the show went on. I would groan under my breath in spine-tingling, satisfying pleasure when my swollen boner head would get lodged in between the pretty girl's butt cheeks and rub around in her crack! And then sometimes I would "drag" back and forth across from cheek to cheek. I wasn't sure if I was going to score a nut though, but then my chance came at the very end of the band's performance. They had a finale, but so did the Shogun!

The band was throwing guitar picks and drum sticks to he crowd and I took that as my opportunity! I put my erect dick (outside my shorts but hidden by a long shirt) in the up position and just sunk my stiffy right DEEP up into the girl's tender, pliable, soft ass crack! She was leaning way over pleading with the band to throw her a trinket, and I the chikan was all up inside of her body . . . acting like I too wanted something from the band . . . but what I want was to sperm in that ass . . . that would be my "trinket"! YE-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

And I did too . . . taking loooooooooooong and sssssloooooooow and deeeeeeeeeeeep thrusts and hunches up into the girls anal cavity. I felt her soft, young, white butt cheeks spreading open and closing on my dong giving me a great "pecker pull" . . . you know that fucking feeling I love so much! It took several seconds before I finally EXPLODED with my DICK all up in that girls anal cavity!!! She was still smiling and reaching for the band . . . and I had just SPEWED SPOOGE everywhere! And right under momma's and daddy's watchful and caring noses! They were too engrossed with the show to realize I had been fuckin' their daughter in the butt the entire time, and she didn't say shit about it neither LOL!

After I nutted, I decided to get the fuck outta there immediately lest the girl say something to mommy and daddy about the strange man behind her who had his hard "thingie" pressed all up into their daughter's little heiney . . . just a hunchin' away to complete orgasm my brothers!!! Yep, yep! My self-imposed "dry season" has expired. It's now THE WET SEASON!!!

Black Shogun!!!

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