Hot South American Girl (WARNING: she may be 26 years old)

Hey everyone!

What's up? I been vacationing in an undisclosed location in Southern America. I am pretty sure Allrounder or someone from this board is from the carribean so shoutout to them for detailing how easy it is to butthump here. As damn for the past few days when I really been chikaning it's been pretty easy where they even say sorry. I been chikaning slim thick blacks and Indians.

A little hot story of mine. It was at this store in a busy street close to the marketside. I had to look for padlock with a friend of mine(not too close of a friend). There was this hot Indian girl employee I been eyeing up. She reminded me of this older girl I went to high school with that I butt humped on 1 occasion. This employee wore this close fitted pants/joggers. White top. Kinda tall girl with those sexy long legs. Phat ass.

Not busy store by Eric

The other employees were on the phone or restocking. No lookyloos.

Ok so on to the interesting hot details, I asked her to help us find a good quality lock. She stood beside me at first and foremost part silent while me and my friend looked. Then I proceeded to move back and leave some room in front of me for her to come in. The girl moved in to that spot sideways looking at my friend and I then rested my left hand finger on her right ass cheek. Soft as a bubble, no reaction. The friend of mine kept asking questions. She then faced that ass towards me. I leaned closer acting like I was looking at the locks. Sniffed her hair smelled good. I then rested my cock on her right cheek nice and soft could really feel that ass. AHhhhhh fuck yeah the girl doesn't even do anything. Then she pushes that entire ass back on me letting it rest on my dick for a brief moment when she was going to help another customer who just entered the store, she told me sorry and her slipper came off where she had to put it back one. I gave a blank expression.

Then we were paying for the lock, I positioned behind the same phat ass employee rested my cock on her left ass cheek. Ahh yess. Same softness my dick was poking on that cheek as y hard grew. No reaction. This lasted for a few minutes as my friend kept asking questions about keychain and whatever.

Only thing I wished was I wanted to butthump her in linen shorts not cloth shorts. Wouldbe more contact and pleasureness.

Even in the streets with packed stores, you can squeeze by customers and do handswipes with no reaction from the girls. Just always look like you have a focused look elsewhere and like pretend accidental contact.

South American girls are the best!! As if something like this happened in Canada security would be called and even the police. Only safe spot is concerts and festivals in Canada.

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