I had one of the hottest experiences very recently. There was this family, dad, mom, and white teen daughter with a phat booty. Not going to detail it all as it was the norm, deep buttfuck where I rubbed my boner all over her and she throwing it on me.

But at one point, she put both hands on the barricade and really stuck it out. The mom, in a protective gesture, put arm round her waist. The daughter practically forced it off LMAO. I then thrusted real deep into that crack, and I think she couldn’t contain it as she let out a really loud moan.

The mother then kept asking is she okay, she put her hand on her forehead to see if she’s heating up lmao. It was so hot, but it was also so mind racing as I was worried she’d catch on to me. Has to be one of my most dangerous situations. The daughter was loving it but the mom really could’ve caught me at any moment, I think because I kept my phone overhead like I was recording the event I evaded suspicion.

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