Indie concert fun

Went to this indie rock concert, got there early, tapped a college girl's round bum while the security looked at her ID, immediately she turned around and looked at me, I said sorry, decided not to follow her.

I picked a spot in the second row behind the fence, there's a good-looking petite brown (Indian/Latina, I couldn't tell) girl in front of me, at first I thought she's with a dude, turned out he's from the US, girl's alone. There were also two Asian girls, one Viet, one Chinese I think,on the left of the brown girl. Crowd was not as packed as I hoped. I managed to graze the Viet girl's ass, and rub the Chinese girl's tit while they went to get beer or to the washroom, this was all before main band came on stage.

When the band came on stage, things got a bit crazy, a slender tall white girl pushed her way to the front and started dancing vigorously, I immediately put my forearm between her ass cheeks, she didn't even look at me, and just kept going, using my arm as a dancing pole, meanwhile, her friend, another white girl with tattoos got behind me and started grabbing my ass nonstop, I was like whatever, this lasted a few songs, I kept feeling up the tall girl, until the girl with tattoos whispered to me "I'm sorry, I'm going to push", then she pushed herself beside me, now she's behind the tall girl, I was back behind the brown girl.

I started with light touches, the brown girl didn't seem to mind, then I pressed my cock against her ass, she responded by tiptoeing, so I cupped both her ass cheeks from underneath, and she just shook her head, she kept looking down to see if I was cupping her, but each time I withdrew my hands, eventually I applied a lot of pressure, really squeezed her ass meat with my two hands, she turned around and begged "can you please give me a little more space", and I said ok, and backed off, knowing she won't go to security.

Just as I thought I lost my toy, another cute white girl with nose ring and juicy ass pushed herself beside me, really shoving me with her arm, I was like ok, you want my spot, you have to make it up to me by dancing, so I got behind her, one hand on each ass cheek, and pushed my crotch firmly against her ass crack, she didn't even look at me, we stood really close and I kept burying my nose in her hair. This last till the end of the concert, when the crowd was a bit less crazy, she shoved me a little with her elbow, suggesting she didn't want to play any more, I backed off. It was a great night.

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