Shoving my fingers into her soft boob

Went to this rock concert at a small venue, it was packed. There's this hot young girl wearing glasses with a guy, at first she was almost in front of me, but then she looked at me suspiciously, and ultimately chose to stand against the wall on the side at the second row, behind guy she's with, I knew she didn't want to be touched, during the third opening act, the guy went away to buy something, I was on the edge of the mosh pit, between me and her, there's another guy, I tried to slam my body into her once when someone pushed me, but she had both hands against my body, I apologized to her, she smiled at me.

Finally the main band came up, her guy's back. At first, I was in the mosh pit, with my hands grabbing another punk girl's hot ass nonstop, but after a few minutes, she turned around and violently pushed me at least 1 meter away, I didn't go back to her, knowing testing her limit would eventually get me into trouble, plus I still wanted her to have a good time.

After her push, I was standing just beside that girl who's against the wall this whole time, since she's against the wall, she had to turn at least 45 degrees to see the band playing, leaving her nice soft C-cups vulnerable, immediately I crossed my arms, hiding the fingers of my right hand under my elbow, then I waited for someone from the moshpit to give me a hard push, and used the opportunity to shove my "eblow" (fingers) into her boob, it was soft and juicy, all natural, no silicon, then I did again, third time I wanted to put those fingers up so next time I could cup her breast, but she crossed her arms too to protect her asset, ultimately she went to stand in front of her guy, so I gave up, went behind the moshpit. There's another hot girl, moshpit guy kept pushing her back, so I stood behind her, cupping her ass several times as she got pushed, slipped out during the encore, and disappeared into the night.

Anyone have other techniques for cupping girl's tits?

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