Re: Femaleguest

Let me tell you how this works when it "cums" to me! I got into this " thing" I do by a series of events in my lifetime. First it started with me naturally being overly horny. I say that because as far back as I can remember, as I've told on this board before, I've been a humper. I honestly don't remember a time in my life that I didn't get aroused more than what I thought was normal. I was humping girls before I started kindergarten! Of course I wasn't cuming yet, but me putting it on them was all I ever thought about. Now fast-forwarding: growing up in the miniskirt-era of the late 60's/early '70's I was exposed to all that bare skin that sent me over the edge! Not only did I want to touch and grind, but I wanted to screw and cum inside and out of what I saw in commercials and in real-life. At school I would find a way to put myself into close proximity of what Girls in short dresses. I was always shy, even though girls liked me, so I was sneaky about grinding. And the girls that caught on to my sneaky little habit let me get away with it! I eventually branched out and did it in public places, and had the same results: quiet compliance. It was in my senior year when I finally pulled it out on a female in a setting that I knew I wouldn't be discovered. With 60 of my schoolmates crammed in a dark area on a field trip I was able to place my testosterone-raging hardon against the bare thigh of a girl and come! She either didn't suspect me or welcomed it. But whatever the case she never said a word. From then on I found public situations where I could do the same, and in the many decades I've done it I've only had one "problem". But it didn't lead to law enforcement getting involved, so I learned from it. Seeing the 2 pics you put up having only sparked an urge to find something similar at the next festival I attend. And if I do, I will sperm on her if all goes well, just to satisfy the itch you have created. And just so you know: yes I have a long term partner that I get regular sex from. But this chikan-stuff is different. It's a different "itch" that must be scratched!

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