His Sister (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

My one regret is that I didn’t take enough creep shots this year, but as you can from the dress she is wearing she is nice. So nice in fact that when I first met her she became my first target ( before I even knew who she was related too lol) she had me drooling. Very strong legs, prominent ass, decent rack, and a pleasant face- “ Holy Shit Who Is She?!” doesn’t even cut the surface of what I was thinking about her :D. Luckily I had the excuse of S C H O O L A C T I V I T I E S to get to know her ( side note: I don’t know what type of clubs the adult world has, but you’d be surprised at the luck you can get from being in a community. Y’all remember that summer camp guy, I have a theory his stories were so good because he knew these people and also KNEW these girls.) She is a standard girl at my school. Has a boyfriend in some other school, sweet/nasty, exclusive in her approach of friends, and unintentionally(???) leads guys on. Took forever in my mind to get past her strings of guys and just talk to her and she was relatively boring and simple. Make a silly face, test a sexual joke, be retarded, tease her, and your in. We are friends!! Hoorah!! ( And it definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I had a opening into her mind by using one of our mutual friends. All 100% me;)

We are on good acquaintance terms and frequently tease each other. One day I she’s wearing these gray leggings with what seems to be no panties and her ass is calling me to finally grab at that thang! 1st attempt: too scared, the crowd isn’t dense enough and our activity has not ended yet. 2nd attempt: Reach end, but a bud of mines starts talking to me and it draws attention to me ( I am pretty well liked rn because of the hard work I have displayed for the team.) she joins in and we tease each other. 3rd attempt: activity ended- fuck she is bolting to get her stuff in the opposite direction of the crowd- crowd getting denser and I must maintain normalcy so I am getting depressed at the prospect of not getting that feel, but then she turns around, I didn’t know why at first- I slow down in the crowd allow her to pass- look natural.exe- relax body and backhand swipe her ass. Mmm so soft sensory overload! Why would you wear these leggings? Where are your panty lines?!!- no reaction from her or me I keep a blank face and am prepared to grab my stuff and bounce, but suddenly she stops to talk to our director. Now this is in a place still crowded, but away from what would be my obvious destination, my stuff, so I need to decide quick whether to stray from my obvious more explainable path to a possible watcher or keep enroute. My dick decides stop with her allow the crowd to go around while you backhand her- get ambitious and go for a full ass palm- grab her ass while she is is the middle of her conversation.... OH MY FUCK she isn’t wearing panties this ass is fighting back- as my fingers dig in to her soft ass it’s firmness and defiance play with my grip- as I release her ass refills the empty space afforded by my loose grip. Momentary pause in her conversation, but it made sense and was natural to our director since she was pondering on a question. Unbeknownst to anyone there I just got a feel of a athletic swimmers ass. I play it off as natural and accidental by making a quick chat with one of my friends directly in front of me, but most likely fucked up when I turned around to go back to my sensible destination, to get my shit, and many made eye contact with her.

She looks at me curiously assessing me and what I just did probably unsure of if I am the offender, but assessing me nonetheless, I just pass by blankfaced grab my shit and bounce. Didn’t talk to her at the end like usual. After that we still teased and shit, but I was more reluctant to get any closer to her. I don’t like knowing my targets too much and had other targets now ( I caught a player, and a reluctant star child. Tell those stories maybe later.)

We go to an event and my old target, the figure of this story, is wearing a dress that makes her ass appear heavenly. Jesus Christ levels of praise were given. I became rash that day. I was irritated because an old flame stood me up that day and I couldn’t get any good upskirts. My dick took over for a second while she was walking with a friend up a flight of stairs while I was going down. There’s totally no crowd at all and I get close to them for no reason and attempt a palm, but my mind realizes how dumb this is and I retract my hand and try to act like it didn’t happen, BUT her friend obviously sees me and to make it worse HER FRIEND IS MY FRIEND skfdghfcsffgggdr levels of fuck.

“ Hey did you just touch her ass!??” She asks in shock and anger before turning and seeing my dumbass in panic stay calm mode. She barely finishes the question in reality and is left extremely confused and baffled on what to say next “ Buster?” I don’t present myself as a groper and have consoled her many times. She’s flustered now as much as me and most likely questioning herself on whether or not she saw right because of just who she is accusing. Me her trusted friend. Meanwhile my target never looks back and whimpers our a “ It’s fine.” Continuing to walk up the stairs. I say some dumbass shit to my friend she remains scrambled and keeps moving anyway. I walk away to a private corner and contemplate all the ways I can save myself from my childish move. Later that day my target is alone and sees me. I am already going somewhere and sure as hell of not want to talk to her today since she was with her boyfriend at the event, but he frequently disappeared, and was just caught. She calls out to me most likely to ask me what happened on the staircase, but I know she didn’t notice me seeing her notice me so I hightail it into a group of people. She does not follow me oddly. Further in the day she is alone in an area my friends are around and her boyfriend has left. She wouldn’t make eye contact and seemed distant from my teasing, so I brought the boys over to make it so that she’d have to act normal and possibly further doubt herself if she hadn’t already deduced my nature. It worked in making her return to teasing me, but I would soon learn she knew who I was and what I was after.

She’s actually smart as hell and she observes me like a fucking hawk. Plays fucking radical mind games and makes me question myself and human psychology a lot I have learned. Last part of the story is our most recent encounters. I stopped groping or attempting to grope her mostly, despite my best efforts she is too close to my group and her friend, MY FRIEND, almost deducing who I am shook me. She for a period was always very close to me around friends and forced interactions despite my best efforts to avoid her when not teasing her to maintain normalcy. If the teasing got physical she would play fight, but ultimately flail in a very fake way that I could’ve taken advantage of, but I didn’t trust our dynamic anymore. One day I simply sat next to her and chilled with her much to my surprise. I didn’t grope her and this was the closest I had been to her since the staircase situation. And we were behind her friend, MY FRIEND, so shit was weird for me psychologically. Has my friend came to the same terms as my former target? Through further interaction it turns out no, but as I was teasing my friend, my target leans over and whispers in my ear “ She likes you?” pulls back and looks at me inquisitively. I don’t know what to do. Why is she telling me this? I fucking groped you!!! Why are you telling me this like we are on normal terms? I just chuckle and pull my friends hair resulting in a tongue lashing and my target laughing at me. Further into the day I’m using the crowd at the event to grope ( have a good story from this. Got to grope the three hottest girls in my activity while maintaining convo with one.) She’s close by and like usual after, I groped her ,observing the fucking out of me she catches me in the act of almost getting a juicy stink finger ( finger lands in crack of target.) and says “ What are you doing with that finger Buster?” While smiling. I’m flustered and agitated and say this dumb shit “ What the fuck! This is my I’m not sure where the fuck I’m going finger. The fuck.” In a very passive aggressive voice and she just says “ Mmhmm.” and walks away. Lol wtf was that interaction. Is she jealous or something? I stop groping and I just chill out to the best of my abilities after being hardcore caught by my former target! At the end of the night my target and my friend are just chilling and my target and me act as if this interaction never happened around my friend.

Before we said our goodbyes I participated in a bunch of group hugs. Luckily for me my former target was walking around the hug and got caught. Guess who caught her. Me. Guess where I caught her. On her right tit! Holy shit never would I ever had guessed I get a titty from her. It was firm and very big for a swimmer. What made it better is I did it on accident so no forethought was put in. Full grip. She is wearing a hoodie with no shirt under and a sports bra if a bra at all I guessed. Hand in her cleavage her squirming around trying to get out of my grip resulting in my fingers getting a boobjob and a braingasm for me. I was in shock and observed her reaction after the group hug dissipatedand as usual no one saw and she acted as if it didn’t happen. I was going to avoid her again like the staircase situation, but we ended up teasing each other and I got a pizza for her since she was too scared to ask. Then mercilessly said she stole it while giggling. We smile at each other and said goodbye and that’s that.

Nowadays I barely talk to heR. I’ll catch her looking at me or ignoring me, but I brush past her a lot, and shit is weird. When she does interact with me it flusters me since she is the first person to deduce who I am despite my best attempts to appear otherwise and her psychology isn’t clean enough to explain why she interacts with me and why. But this is already too long. Thanks for whoever read, would appreciate insight

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