Re : Black Shogun

Funny thing is I saw several Chikans in the crowed . One man even stole my kill .
Lots of girls even started warning other girls about gropers on social media. lol .Thousand of young men and women all crowded in a small area . What do they expect, the game is the game .
Man the things I've gotten away since I first started my chikan journey . I've stroked girls thighs on the bus . Literally had my whole hand gripping on some girls butt cheeks . I've only been caught once , when I was still in-experianced , I was too horny and grabbed this women's ass as we were trying to get on the bus and she turned around and punched me stright in my face and she started shouting , I quickly slinked away into the night , luckly most people here won't beat up Chikans unless your violent or try to grope kids or older women .
I've even had a man try to grope ME whilst I was groping a chubby teen in front of me . Surreal experience . Didn't let him of course I don't swing that way, he kept moving his hand's towards my thigh and rubbing his penis in his jeans . Told him to make space . He apologised but he was so bad at this game I felt sorry for him. Just doesn't have the finesse like me .
Also I belive my looks have helped me to chikan better . I'm tall, lean and good looking with people always asume I'm younger than I am , I always have clean clothes with good perfume . Therefore I know some gir's enjoy it or are at least let me do my thing out of pure curiosity . Old creepy dudes with smelly breaths and body odor are ruining it for people like us .

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