Revolution ? (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

As most of you don't know . The president of Sudan was overthrown and people ran into to streets to celebrate . Obviously as a chikan a crowed = Oportunity . Women in Sudan wear long silky skirt's ,Islamic dress code . So when you run the back of your hands across a girls booty you feel the buttery bottock's with only a two or even a single layer against your knuckle's .
Anyway . People congregated at street corners . With crowds chanting patriotic songs , I quickly got to work . I positioned myself behind a young women . She was chunky but her ass was at the hight of my penis, perfect . I stood behind her chanting revolutionary and patriotic songs to blend in . The crowed pushed us foward and my penis was right in her bubbly butt cheeks . She didnt flinch . perfect .then the crowed became frantic as big bonfire lit and she started jumping up and down to the chants, each of her bum cheeks moving on its own accord rubbing my hard dick in between. I was in bliss land . Her friend must have warned her about what I was upto so she moved away . Gutted , but we move on .
Next target a women in a burka with a nice giggly bum . I stand a behind her and try to push closer but she recoil's and elbow's me in the stomach . Risky . (Experienced chikans know that if a women reacts aggressively or shouts, never apologies or even flinch ) I kept calm . I had my phone in the air and carried on acting like I was recording the croweds jubilation's . I then move on .
Now I Join the crowed again and I'm pressed against a petite teen . Idk how old she was probably 15 or 16 . I knew she was young cause young girls don't know how to react when they're getting chikaned . I stopped trying to hump women over 18 because they know stright away what's going on, but young ones let you get in close and by then it's to late for them to react so they let you do your thing till they can move away .
I was pressed against for 5 min humping my rod against her small waist. She was so naive she even bent over to do her laces lol . I was stuck to her young tight booty like glue . I decided to move on cause I did not want people to get suspicious. I spend the rest of the evening groping thighs and back hand booty stroke's
I have lots of stories about my antics . I hope to share more . Especially when my school opens again

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