I want to share my story for what I do

I am a chikan (I guess that's what it is) that likes to spill his seed on bare skin. I read stories by others that like to do this in public and I enjoy it. I got into this practice by a much different way than most, I think.
I started fucking in high school with a female friend that was experimenting just like me. When we secretly dry humped each other we agreed to one day do "the nasty" as she called it the next time we had the chance. We did it in her house in her moms bed one afternoon.
I fucked her one day while her mom was at work and we had the house to ourselves. I didn't have a rubber. I was to nervous to buy one or even ask a friend for one. So we agreed that I would pull it out when the time came. Well, to be honest the first time I almost messed up. I was finally inside this girl (she's white and I'm black) and it was heaven. I was so into boning this girl that I forgot the plan! She kept saying don't come in me but I was not trying to hear it. When I started cuming I was thinking I'm not pulling out, but she knew the deal and pushed me, almost violently. It kinda made me mad so what I did was pull my dick out of her but I rubbed it on the inside of her silky smooth thigh, where I busted a shitload of cum. She was mad as fuck, thinking I may have gotten it in her. But I told her she was okay. I told her I had to leave her with it and not on the sheets! From thattime on she was through with me. But from then on whoever I screwed I did the same. It pissed girls off but I started enjoying it. Leaving my cum on the inside of their thighs made me feel a certain way. When I started this chikan thing I just carried it into that activity. I have come on so many white girls that way it's almost unbelievable. Some seem to enjoy it. I had one smile at me and another actually reached back and touched it then licked it! I swear it's true. Fellas there are some freaky girls in this world. You just have to do it right. I always smell really good when I go to places that I might do this. It's usually packed concerts. I might share some more stories in the future.

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