Bollywood Bust

So this weekend I finally accomplished one of my lifelong chikan goals, jizzing on an Indian chick. I went to a mostly Indian party and felt like a wolf amongst a flock of sheep, mouth and dick both hungry and watering. I have a huge thing for Indian girls, and never really see much in my area, but that night I was surrounded by them! I don't know what it is about Indian and Middle Eastern girls, but of the hundreds of ass I've groped none other compare.

Last time I even grazed against a middle eastern booty was 2 years ago to the Muslim woman on a crowded street that was trying to catch up with her husband. I still remember how plump and soft it felt, the texture was heavenly.

Anyway, I got up close to the front of the crowd, where a group of hot Desi girls were. I pulled up behind one in a little black dress who seemed to be really into the music and dancing. After brushing up against her as she shook her waist it didn't take long for me to get rock hard and I was pitching a huge tent in my pants. Her ass felt just as good as the Muslim woman from 2 years ago, except I was full on groping her in this case. She had to have felt my huge swollen cock head poking her ass as she shook her hips, as she had a side view of me when turning to talk to her friend.

I'm sure she had to have given me a side glance or once over to see who was so close up behind her. Thinking she'd move I was shocked by what she did next. She started running her fingers through her hair and arching her back, pushing her ass back into me even more! The sensation was so good it almost made my knees buckle with pleasure! One of her girlfriends saw what I was up to and put her arm around her to push her into the circle of friends and distance her from me. But after being pushed into the center of the circle she quickly backed out and returned to her position to my joy.

Her friend gave me a look of disgust and I smiled devilishly back at her and she rolled her eyes at me. The song changed to one of a faster tempo and had to be a popular song from how excited the crowd was. This caused her to start shaking her ass into overdrive, and I hurriedly unzipped my pants, since this chick's ass felt better than any woman in my years of groping and I was about to blow my load any second. Many people surged to the front of the crowd and several people were trying to move up from behind me and pushed me deeper into her. I was still fumbling to get my dick out and as soon as it got free and felt the silk-like material of her dress and the booty underneath it I came instantly, leaving a thick rope across her cheeks between her crack.

I was drained while she continued to dance without a care in the world. Wiping the sweat from my brow I looked down to see the shiny streak glistening across her ass from where I left my mark. I had tucked myself back in my pants at that point and was about to head to the bathroom. Even though I just came not even 5 minutes ago, she happened to brush up against me while dancing and in seconds I got rock hard again! It usually takes me at least 30 minutes to an hour to even get hard again but this girl had the magic touch! I groped her for a bit more until her friend had enough and cockblocked me by dragging her friend to the middle of the circle, far away from me. I had a field day with all the Bollywood booty at my disposal, on top of the venue having a great layout for groping too.

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