Cum for Busty Nerd

Haven't done a story in a while, even though nearly every weekend is a groping experience. I'm picky, so even if I do get to groping I'm not satisfied if I don't get to cum, even if the night is filled with groping tons of asses it's not the same without a finish. Last month I went to a concert and was posted behind this redhead in a flannel button up with huge tits that were unreal! She had to be rocking Double D's and her flannel was completely unbuttoned giving full view of her jugs.

She was with a friend and a guy friend that could have been her boyfriend, but you know by now that doesn't bother me. When one of the cover bands came on she started shaking her ass side to side, turning my dick into a windshield wiper. After the band finished and the lights dimmed, I came on the back of her flannel, leaving my mark on her. Her guy friend was completely clueless as they all are, and she definitely knew because she was giving her girl friend the "look". The wide-eyed expressions and head jerks that signal that the guy behind me is a little too close for comfort and she gave a nasty look and shook her head.

Since I couldn't find another target I kept to flannel girl for the night. She started grinding on her guy friend, but I made sure to get some of the action too. She was to the side of me so I turned my waist and positioned my dick so when she grinded on him she was also grinding on my dick with the side of her ass. I also kept grabbing her ass in between, so she probably thought it was him the whole time. I could tell because the first time I grabbed her ass she turned her head to him and smiled. Little did she know his hands were at his sides and I was getting handfuls of booty on top of groping. If I could cum again I'd be a repeat offender for her for sure!

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