Biggest booty I have ever

My God. Very recently I did the biggest booty I’ve ever done. She is extremely similar to the woman in the image.

We got on the public transport I was to her right, not on her, but close. I was going to take it slow as there was a small gap to my left meaning people might see. But low and behold, she moved to the right and put that booty smack bang in my lap and did not flinch!

Man I just pushed in and that booty gripped my shaft. For some time I was glued to her, not completely but enough for my dick to sink in. People filled in the gap, and then I really went at her.

I felt her moving her booty. St one point she started lightly shaking it on my dick. I could feel her cheeks wobbling on me. At other points I felt her move it down then up, as if her booty was stroking me.

I started to really get right on her after feeling all this. I let my head really push in, meaning it was getting squeeze by her booty while her huge cheeks were smashing into my lap. I lightly humped her. It was so good I was thinking I would cum, but I never do that on public transport as it’s too risky. I just let it throb and ooze precum, all while she did nothing.

Was an amazing morning!

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