Bless Latinas

Ever had an ass so soft that whenever you poked it, it makes a nice dent? My God, it was one my best experience yet. Bus is always full and there this girl was, posing in front of the bus. By posing, I mean, sticking her ass out and grabbing the pole in a way to show off her body. She was about 5'3", with big breasts and showing lots of cleavage (unfortunately, my attempts to record her face and cleavage was unsuccessful). Anytime a girl was posed on that way, they were game (third time I've encountered girls like this). She didn't flinch or nothing and was just casually laughing and talking on her phone (might've been some guy on the other end of the line trying to make plans with her & there I was dryhumping her). I've had to move around to not make it so obvious I was groping her but she kept shifting her body towards me. Anyways, before I left, I made sure I grabbed her ass and put my dick as deep as I could in her. Couldn't get better videos because of how crowded it was but fuck it, it's better to experience it than to try to capture the moment. Just thinking about that experience gets me so turned on!

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