Re: Narflarf - Muslim Women

Yeah, I have kind of a thing for Muslim girls too, although I have not to my knowledge ever chikaned one. I have had sex with some though . . . two Moroccans and four Turks. One of the Moroccans, I fucked her bareback in the pussy and pulled out in time to sperm on her tummy. The other one, I enjoyed all three of her holes, including her butt hole. And the Turkish girls, I found them to be really good in bed! Fucked two of them in the ass too LOL! The praise be unto Allah hahaha! Well, I know it's not a fuck site here, but that's the extent of my awareness of sexual contact with Muslims. I did also fuck this really white-skinned girl from Lebanon too, but "it didn't count" as she was a Christian LOL! Actually had a chance to fuck a Palestinian as well, but didn't go for her as she wasn't really my type body-wise.

Black Shogun!!!

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