Re: Red Dragon/cum in pants

A quick note on why I try NOT to cum in my pants. While in high school and even for some years beyond I came in my pants a lot. A girl that was willing to put up with my humping (bless her soul, honestly) let me cum against her literally scores of times. It was some routine for me in one particular class to pair up with her to work on projects that I knew even then to wear certain clothes so as to obtain the maximum friction so I would cum. I always timed it right before the last school bell rang to go home, that way I could go to the bathroom and try to clean up for the bus ride home. I loved to cum but I hated the mess afterwards. This went on mostly until I started attending concerts. Then one really big festival I attended changed all of that. I had transitioned to a real chikan mentality: wearing thin pants, no underwear, and pulling it out for skin to skin contact. One day I did that, and the girl-a blonde white girl- she stimulated me, with her glamour magazine-look, to the point of no return while I had it out! It was a moment of "fuck it" for me, and I let loose! She didn't even flinch, so after that I couldn't go back to "in my pants", at least for the most part. Sometimes you gotta, but those are times I'm not truly satisfied.

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