Indian Milf

This happened just a few days ago and I still can’t believe it. I’m not a prolific chikanner as the legends here.I don’t actively seek out chikan experiences and am more of an opppurtunist than anything. I tend to look out for opurtunities in the trains during the early morning or late evening rush hour. Mostly my experiences have been back hand grazes and the most extreme has been just placing my back hand firmly on a nice pert ass.

I’m in 2nd year at uni so money is always tight. I took a job at the airport a few months back as the money was good but the hours were shit. My morning shifts start at 6am so I need to be up at 3am to get ready as the company transport comes at 430am to pick me up. They normally send those mini buses that seat about 12 people.

Anyway I’m waiting for my pick up, which is late, I’m annoyed and sleepy. He finally arrives and I get in and get even more annoyed that the bus is full. I move all the way back to find an empty seat and I found one next to this gorgeous, Indian milf. She’s in her mid 30s, not too thin or too fat, tea coloured complexion, wild tangled hair, pretty eyes and the biggest tits. I smile and nod at her and she smiles and nods back.

As I sit, I scooch close to her as possible. Normally women make themselves as small as possible when a man sits next to them but this lady doesn’t move as my shoulder brushes hers. It wasn’t cold but I drape my jacket over me like a blanket and cross my arms under them. As the bus moves off, I use the momentum to brush my fingers against her left boob. She doesn’t flinch or move away so I increase pressure till I decided to go for it and I cup her massive boob and fondle her. From the corner of my eye I can see her smiling. I also notice she has a wedding ring on and it turns me on even more.

Feeling confiedent and emboldened, I move my hand down to her thigh and stroke her. Her skin felt amazingly smooth. I decided to go for broke and push my left hand between her legs and hit pay dirt as felt her warm mound. It felt like she had cotton panties on and I could feel her pussy stubble. I was rock hard now as I massaged her warm cunt. This went on for about a minute before she tried to close her thighs indicating she had enough so I pulled my hand out. As we reached the airport, she was getting off first. I squeezed her ass as she brushed past me. Needless to say I jerked off in the toilet, thinking about her, after reaching work. Seriously hope I see her again.

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