Re: BigT - Getting Near the Barrier

That's why when they say "doors open at 6", you show up by 5 and get a good spot in the line . . . so that when the doors do open, you can then get a favorable starting position in the crowd. That may mean being around a full two hours before the first act comes on stage, but if you're looking for some high-quality groping and chikan butt fuckin', then it's worth it! Good things come to those who wait LOL!

That said, you never want to start out in the 2nd row. Why??? Because many of the people in the 1st row at a really rowdy show won't be there for the whole show, including maybe the girl whose plump butt you're riding. You'll end up with your dick pressed against the barrier! No, you want to start out in the 3rd or even the 4th or 5th rows. That way, you can chikan butt fuck right up to being in the 2nd row, prolonging the pleasure either from your original target, or maybe somebody else who took her place. And when you finally do hit that 2nd row, if the girl in front of you does leave, then "kindly" let another in front of you . . . so you can then fuck HER in the ass too . . . and CUM!

This is how the pros do . . . we don't look to start in the 2nd row . . . we know that starting a row or two behind that is better . . . that's how I do . . . besides showing up at least an hour before doors open to get a good spot on the "hunting grounds". Well, when I was active that is hehehe :-D

Black Shogun!!!

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