london carnage

Police resources have been cut so now i rarely see under cover police on the underground these days which is good news for chikans ahahahaha.

I was at the crowded station at knightsbridge station looking for posh girls to bang in the arse. This place is a hot spot for hot young girls who come to shop at the expensive stores.

Spotted an arab mother with her young 17 year old daughter. I looked at the daughter with rapist eyes and licked my lips as a I positioned myself behind the young daughter.

When the train arrived and the doors opened before even entering the carriage. I glued myself to the daughters beautiful backside. Pressing my hard penis into her crack as she wore yoga pants.

I shouted come on get a move on as I pushed her hard deliberately squashing her into the tight space. She didnt react maybe was enjoying the fun ahahah.

Once inside i opened my legs wide and clamped her outer thighs then pressed my face into her long dark and hair and began taking deep breaths, at the same time keeping alook out for under cover police.

Since the carriage was crowded and everyone was minding their own business i pursed my lips next to her ear and began breathing heavily then ran my lips around her ear lobs. This young arab meat was mine. Slowly slowly pumping the arab meat in the arse soooh good.

On the tube i am playing god !! a sex god ahahah.

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