Re Getting caught

I know all about that, but I always bounce back as you did Narflarf, it can be a good thing too, either way we all know that when we say not sure if she noticed is bullshit, and here's why if you get on a crowded bus and some dude is behind you, you KNOW it's his cock, and you move, period, its the same for girls even if its on there arm or thigh or arse, the difference with girls is they often put up with it because they are conditioned to "not complain or make a fuss", just afew weeks back I was back in good old London, and could not resist a rush hour bus journey or, in those hours I rode the buses I had four fantastic humps, (story coming ) but my point is simple some girls often wont make an issue if its not too obvious and blatant, so they just put up with it...we just have to recognise how far to push, some girls are up for it and let you do it but they are rare...but EVERY girl knows when they are being humped.

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