Re: Narflarf - Getting Caught

That's been a long-standing "order of battle" of mine from the very beginnings of my practice . . . if I see I got a lot of cum on a girl . . . my view is that I should leave the venue immediately. I have not always done that every single time , but I mostly have, and that's the best decision a chikan can make.

I remember one story I wrote where I told how I spermed a huge load of spooge all over this red head's butt after only two or three songs into the concert! I didn't want to leave, so I stayed and groped her for the rest of the show (others too), and nutted on her butt a second time! I know when she got home, she discovered my dried cum stains all over her army green shorty shorts.

Not my usual modus operandi. In most cases, to be safe, a chikan should leave if he drops a huge load of jizz on a girl!

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