Getting caught

One thing you have to realize as a chikan is that no matter how much you get away with you can always get caught. Last year I got caught at a concert to this day I don't know how she even found out. Was groping her for a good 15 mins with no reaction on her end and decided to cum. Almost instantly she turned around and reacted to it. It was on her sweater which I thought she wouldn't feel so I pretended to mind my business and sneak out the crowd.

My biggest mistake was not just leaving the venue right then and there. Went to the bar for a bit and went back to the crowd. Suddenly a hand grabs my arm and pulls me through the crowd and at that point my mind is racing. Security takes me out back and tells me to run or he'll beat the fuck out of me. I never ran so fast in my life, took me 20 minutes to find where I parked because my mind was so scrambled. That venue was a favorite of mine, pretty much a guaranteed nut every time I went, but I haven't been back since.

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