Re: Red Dragon

That form of chikan is by far my favorite! But there are obvious problems, of course. To all newbies I shouldn't have to say it, but it's extremely risky, and if caught will ruin you. So my favorite has to be so planned out in advance that most would just say forget it. My chances of pulling it off (and out, haha) boil down to just a few festivals during the hot summer months. And my choice of operation has made it specific to concerts that annually happen here in the states. I'm sure it would work at tons of festivals held in the summer months, and that's why it's painstaking to see venues talked about that I will never get a chance to attend. It's all good though, because I think that the less I do this the less chance I have of mistakes and problems. When I was much younger I had tons of experiences that I now treasure, and I didn't have to pay a heavy cost for those times. Nowadays just to get out 5 or 6 days a year, knowing that I'm going to unload on some unsuspecting (or suspecting) target makes me somewhat satisfied! My first "shot", so to speak, is gonna be soon upon me, and I'm hoping to jizz another back or thigh or something! My goal is to nutt on a bare, tattooed thigh with my bare, throbbing boner. If I see a blonde girl with an exposed tattoo on her thigh, and I can get to it? OMG!!

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