Mistakes, ah yes!

Been at it now for 4 decades! Yessir! Mistakes? Yes, I counted them up and there's 4 mistakes I've made.
I'll quickly describe them in hopes that the new era won't repeat them, although in today's age they will be challenged with new ways to fail.
1). I once found a target that was very willing to let me do my deed-or so I thought. She visited my place of employment regularly, and she always wore the skimpiest clothing. So I would grope the shit out of her. She was heaven-tall, smoothi as silk, and oblivious. That's what I thought after having my way so many times before. But the last time I just knew it would be like all the other times, and that was my mistake. Out of nowhere she turned on me and screamed bloody murder. Long story short, I got fired for lewd conduct. I'm very lucky I didn't go to jail.
2). This one wasn't so bad, and after thinking about it it actually happened before number 1. But I would see this girl really often all over town. I'd groped her because she was one of the softest I ever experienced-and she never reacted. But one day out of nowhere she does react-she turned and hit me in the back! I reacted by quickly saying "what the fuck?", like I had no clue why she'd done it. She went on about her way. Couple of months later I got her again! This time she just shook her head in disgust.
3). This 3rd time could have been tragic: I was a a favorite spot for hours trying to get a nutt. It's a public place I won't mention, but there is always a police presence. I got antsy to somehow get a long overdue nutt, so I pushed that envelope. Got a real blatant grind and nutt, then quickly got the hell outta there. Got to the parking lot and I see 2 cops watching me now I have on the thinnest pants one could imagine, and the front of them is drenched in cum! They were following me, and I got so unnerved that I approached them first! I asked them why they were following me. Immediately they told me to turn around, and they quickly patted me down! Luckily for me they didn't do a thorough search or they would have discovered a nasty surprise. They must have been looking for someone else because they let me go and I chilled on that spot for a year!
4). The last one I posted several years ago and it was a girl that I got too blatant with, pulled my junk out, then blasted a months' worth on her bare thigh-all while she watched! I barely escaped that one, and I thought for sure it would end up on the nightly news. I was scared for weeks.
I shared these to show newbies that this game can get to you sometimes, because some of the targets make it so damn easy that you can become complacent. But there are 2 ways to avoid problems: one is to not get into this life at all, and the other is don't ever think you can't make a mistake. Think long and hard whichever road you take.

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