More Words of Wisdom

Now, I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea, and especially any inexperienced newbies who might be reading. The life of a professional chikan is not all fun and games with no fails. Sometimes you will fail! And for some chikans, the psychological toll of "the practice" can lead them into deep depression. Or to jail!

I've actually never gone there (depression or jail LOL!). You see, I decided a long time ago to just accept who I am . . . that I am a chikan . . . it is a part of me, and that's it. Doesn't mean that I don't try to moderate it or control it and just let go and do whatever. But, I see it kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous. The only hope for a road to doing anything different is to first accept who and what you are. In a perverse kind of way, that was liberating for me. To accept that I am a chikan butt fucker!

And one damn good chikan butt fucker have I been! I'm not active now, but I must have humped/groped 100's and 100's and 100's of females already. And orgasmed untold numbers of times! But still, sometimes things will go wrong. Jordan threw the ball away, Brady got intercepted, Ali got his ass whupped, and Hank Aaron struck out! But what made them great was that the fails were rare and few, and they always managed to come back better than ever! Same thing goes for a great chikan. You just hope and pray you don't have a fail with lasting consequences.

The worst for me happened many years ago. Wrote about it right here in this very forum. I had already been a committed chikan for many years, and then discovered Ayashi-BBS. I was at first stunned by all the stories from so many people. Reading about what guys did . . . and wanted to do. Guys just like me! After discovering this place, I wanted to raise my game and "expand my practice". Not that I believed everything that I read, but I damn sure believed a lot of it because I had done the exact same things or very similar! "Chikan" is Japanese, so I decided I wanted to become a "Shogun" . . . a "Shogun of Chikan"!

Well, in my excitement and zeal, I went out and pushed it too far. I have not done that again, and lucky for me it was nothing lasting in terms of what happened, and for so many more years I was out there grindin' (and nuttin'!). Now I'm taking a break. A long break. Maybe I will come back. Maybe I won't. But just know this. To become a "Shogun-class" chikan . . . it's ALMOST all good . . . because no matter how good you are, occasionally you WILL fail . . . because you're still only human! The other greats who are here or have been here . . . they can all attest to the truth in my words. OK . . .

Carry on,
Black Shogun!!!

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