Big ass girl (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

It was the only sunny day yesterday,so I decided to have a try on the metro after my tired working daytime in company.But I needed to go home as soon as possible,so I decided to just try one girl then leave.

When I got on the metro,one nice big ass girl came in after me luckily,but it was very empty that stop,so I prayed she will not go down next stop because next stop is a big stop,a lot of people will come and go.

When the door opened,a lot of people flowed into the carriage,at the same time,she moved to the railing near the door,and I followed her back very naturally.Several seconds later,all the people were packed and can’t move at all.Guess where was my dick?you are right,it was already perfectly stayed into her ass,her big and soft ass.

My dick was not very big that time,but I was not very impatient, I knew she was mine because my dick is already in her big ass and she didn’t move her ass at all.

Several minutes later, I let my dick getting bigger and bigger into her big ass,and means while I was also feeling her attitude about my good friend coming her home. Just one stop,I found a exciting answer:she already accepted me and my big dick!

So I let my big dick become a huge dick,like a big and long steel,Moving deeper and deeper until the whole dick filled the whole cave.You know that feelings?Almost Like making love on the metro,so unbelievable thing was that she didn’t move at all,just feeling it and accepted it.

After four stops later, I felt so unbelievable comfortable and can’t stop my ejaculating any more.because her cave was filled with my big dick and the head of my cock was always rubed by her cunt,and with the train moving,my dick also swinged in her cave,oh my ladygaga,so beautiful experience and feelings ,after few minutes I wanted to ejaculate in her cave like fucking her,when the metro was arriving the final stop,I can’t insist anymore ,so I gave all my billions of babies into her cave and let her feel my ejaculating at the same time——my dick jumped seven times in her cave ——one wave by another wave.When the ejaculation was finished,I still put my dick into her cave,and I tightly lean close to her ,let her know my love is still here.When the door open,she went down as nothing happened and with no turning back. I watched her back and knew that The unbelievable journey was over.

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