Punk Girl Pounded

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention an experience I had last month. I went to a punk concert and had an amazing first time experience! Of all the gropes this one girl in particular made my night even though I didn't nut. She was all the way at the front of the stage with her blonde friend who I groped in between. She had her hands on the guard rail right in front of the stage and I was behind her, and decided to go for it. I thrust my hips forward and was ready to plow! She had a nice petite body with leggings on (the pic I posted is a good example of her body type) and although she had a flannel shirt tied around her waist I could still feel her cheeks and crack between it.

I was rock hard and drooling pre-cum, I didn't want to whip it out since we were front stage where the most light was. On top of that this was my first time visiting that venue and unfortunately it wasn't as crowded as I'd like it to be and had a balcony like I talked about before. The last band came on, but the show was wack so many people started leaving half an hour early. Making the most of what time I had to grope left, when she started jumping up and down I closed even more distance between us by actually putting a hand up on the guard rail and leaning into her.

I was in heaven! I was practically boning her doggystyle in the front of the crowd and she didn't even so much as turn around and make eye contact with me! Sometimes her jumping so much was cause me to bury so deep inside her that her shirt wrapped around her waist to get stuck in the crack of her ass. I was thrusting my hips to the rhythm of the music, so while it looked like I was bobbing my head and enjoying the music to an unsuspecting person, my other head was enjoying her bubble butt.

Always wanted to do that in my time, and it felt fantastic! I assumed that since she didn't say anything or look back she was oblivious and thought it was just crowd contact, but after the band finished I heard her talking to her blonde friend and a guy friend of hers, and the most I could make out was her saying "The guy behind me keeps..." and I left the venue with a huge grin on my face knowing she was aware the entire time and pretending to ignore it.

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