I was thinking back to my McDonald's ride. I remember when she came in. I looked at her and my eyes got all big and shit (she didn't see me looking . . . and drooling)! I was like OH NO YOU DIDN'T. I KNOW you DID NOT just come up in here with that DONK (_I_)! OH GIRL NO YOU DIDN'T! CRACK all showin'! LOLOLOL!!! I was like fuck a double quarter pounder with cheese! I want ONTO that DOUBLE BUBBLE! And I mean right NOW! Hahaha! I got on that plump rump right then and there in the crowded, unruly McDonald's line my brothers (there were actually multiple lines all blending one into the other with people scrambling to order). I sure did! Even though I didn't nut, I will never forget it because of where it happened. So, Digital Underground once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. And Black Shogun once got busy in a Mickey D's ordering line LOL!

small fries, BIG MAC!
Black Shogun!!!

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